What’s Really Happening?

Tune in Sunday January 8th noon to 3 in studio 2b. My guests are metal band the The Eyesores . The Eyesores are a drunk rock band based out of East Side San Jose, Ca with some past and present members coming from different parts of the globe. I’ll have rapper Bijon Price (Deezydaguzzla) in studio . Check out his newest track leveling. He’s gotta video for it on Youtube and check him out on Ig under Deezydaguzzla. Experimental hip-hop artist Just Is will be in studio. check out his Ep dropping December 10th. He’s opening for Grouch and Murs in Sacramento at Ace Of Spades the same day!! He will be accompanied by singer/songwriters Jonny Rulon and Emily Jones. In honor of the Christmas Spirit we will also have on Brooke and Emil. We’ll be playing some of there great Christmas music. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Check me out on Ig as el_Walgreens. It’s National Bodhi Day, so rock your Bodhi and listen to the show.


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