What’s Really Happening?

Good Morning America and whoever else is tuning in. There’s so many holidays and things going on like the Superbowl, World Nutella Day, Weathermans Day, Shower with a friend day, Dump your significant jerk day, but before you do all that I’d love to have you tune in to my show.  In fact you could tune in while celebrating national popcorn day.  Shelby Lanterman will be starting our morning off with some country music and whiskey. The very colorful and great burlesque star Magnolia Black will be joining us. We’ve got Zane Barrett coming in. He’s host of this open mic in the mission at the Iron and Gold called Bomb Shelter. I love that open mic. Then well..Chris Storin should be a name you should know. This guys an easy favorite comic, very hilarious guy. I am honored to have him on.  I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer.  I will be joined by my always on time co-host Sebastian Vego. I’ve heard being on time is rare in a co-host let’s give him an applause as I welcome you too the What’s Really Happening show.


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