What’s Really Happening? 12/22/2019

Tune In Sunday December 22nd noon to 3 in studio 2b . It’s show # 151! My guests are guitarist and singer from the band Hemotoxin Michael Anthony Chavez , We’ve got MJoy Maia Papaya in studio. Musician Ken Newman will be in studio. We’ll have poet/hip hop artist/ author and now podcast host Martrice Candler in studio as well. We’re gonna cover all ranges of topics. If you’d like to know what topics we’ll cover you’ll have to tune in because I have no idea what topics. I just heard people like to listen to shows that talk about topics so I thought I’d throw that in. Let’s just say there will be loads of randomness and music.  I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. It’s a special show for me today because it’s the first day of Chanukah and I don’t really celebrate but it makes me think of my grandma who I used to watch Dr. Phil with. We used to also love ice cream, shrimp cocktails, and listening to Frank Sinatra. No she didn’t get run over by a reindeer, Anyways… Tune in.



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