What’s Really Happening? #154 05/17/20

I am really not sure what to say right now, my brain is numb and well.. Here it goes Tune in noon to 3 in studio 2b. I’ll have the lovely Venetia with me. We will have Rapper from Bronx, Ny Novasport on the show. We’re gonna find out why he’s called Novasport. http://Instagram.com/novasport_ny

South Berkeley ,Ca Rapper from the Shanklemob Clyde Shankle Will be on theshow http://instagram.com/clydeshankle . We will have Rapper SLYIDE on the show, He’s gotta lot of stuff to talk about and some great music. He’s gotta wide range of hits that’ll hit you.  He suffers from many things, lets hear how he copes with them. He’s an inspiration and you can really feel what he’s going through when you hear his music. You gotta check out his latest single Street Lyfe. http://instagram.com/Slyidemusicofficial . We will talk to Denero for a bit and play a couple tracks from his latest release with Frank Vencci called The Balance Of Power. Katdarina might be on the show http://instagram.com/Katzdarina . MADDHATTER might be on the show http://instagram.com/iamdubbniche.

We will have http://Truffleshufflesf.com on the show. It blows my mind what they do. I thought they were one thing and then found out another and then my mind was blown. I was very blown away by the mac n cheese dish. They even have live cooking classes. Jason and Tyler bring a unique blend of passion, experience, integrity and discovery to the world of truffles. They are challenging the status quo every day and are quickly becoming leaders in the industry, their delicate and delicious truffle salt being a perfect example of what they are capable of. Then you have Sarah Mckinney the awesome design director. These are some truly prized delicacies and it’s a mystery that only Truffleshuffle can unravel best. They make the finest Truffles created on this Earth. During this time of craziness I think we all need a Truffle in our life. http://Instagram.com/truffleshuffle_sf.

I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Follow me on insta at http://instagram.com/el_Walgreens. It’s also National Take Your Parents To The Playground Day. All the playgrounds are closed due to the Coronavirus so you can just forget about that and tune into my show. What else are you gonna do….. You don’t have to answer that.


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