What’s Really Happening? # 159 06/21/2020

Join me today noon to 3 for another episode of What’s Really Happening. I’ve gotta show that should help us through all these crazy times and chaos going on in the world right now.  I’ve got Kevin Briggs on the show. He’s known as the Guardian Of The Golden Gate Bridge. Former California Highway Patrol officer Sergeant Kevin Briggs spent most of his career patrolling San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, where he encountered numerous people clinging to life by a thread—people who had lost all hope and could see no way out of their current situations—standing ready to leap from the bridge to what they assumed would be sudden death, and an end to their pain and hopelessness. He’s dissuaded over 200 people from jumping off the bridge. Today, Briggs is mapping a movement, speaking publicly about his encounters with people on the bridge. http://www.pivotal-points.com http://instagram.com/guardianofthegoldengate . We will also have on a guy he’s helped and a big inspiration Suicide prevention advocate Kevin Berthia on the show http://instagram.com/kevinberthiafoundation . We will have comedian Keith D’ Souza on the show http://instagram.com/realkeithdirty.  We will have Mandjou Kone on the show. She’s gonna be performing some music and sharing some stories with us. It’s a weird place in life right now and this seems like a great show for that place. Not only is the world a mess but it’s also Fathers Day which is always an awkward day for me. My Dad just like me didn’t want kids, unfortunately he had one, me. Follow me on instagram at http://instagram.com/el_walgreens


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