What’s Really Happening? #161 07/05/20

Yes, I have another show for you this Sunday noon to 3 in studio 2b. What a crazy world this is well I’ll try and mellow things out a bit before Kanye runs for President. God bless America!! Speaking of God, I’ve got my good friend Darryl coming on the show to talk about how God has blessed and changed his life. He’s gonna tell us his powerful testimony. I’ve got Sema Tosun on the show. She’s the owner of the Stamp Bar and Grill located in San Carlos Ca. Stamp Bar & Grill offers fusion cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions. Each dish providing a seasonal fresh savory taste. Full service bar service, carefully chosen eclectic worldwide wine list. Spacious beautiful patio seating. What’s fusion cuisine and what’s this place about tune in to find out more http://instagram.com/stamp_bar.and.grill . Sema Tosun is also founder of the non-profit Fund A Need. Check out this amazing non-profit at http://www.fundaneed.org. We will also have on rapper/singer/ songwriter Mycharee http://instagram.com/mychareec. We’ll have a call in from Denero http://instagram.com/denerodabosss. Also in studio I’ll have a Blues performance by Gary The Blues Man. http://missionlocal.org/2015/09/The-blues-man-in-the-mission. I also just found out it’s National Bikini Day. Man I haven’t seen one of those in awhile except on tv. Anyways.. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Follow me on insta at http://instagram.com/el_walgreens.


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