Well dang diddly what do you know I am back again, I’ve made it through 166 shows without even getting a little sick. There was that one moment I sounded a little sick but that was just the tequila. I’ve got musician Justin Engel on the show http://instagram.com/justinbustin408 Native to the Bay Area,artist Justin Engel takes us on a raw, vulnerable yet romantic and soulful journey restoring our faith that all good things come. We need some romance and positivity in this world so I look forward to this.His multi-faceted, cross-genre vocal delivery brings all the feel-good, sexy vibes to songs like “Body”, “Staycation” and “Intertwine”. We’ve got the founder of twocixtwo in studio Carine Verdusco http://instagram.com/twocixtwo http://instagram.com/carineverdusco . We’ve got founder and President of Leap2Genius Aliki Helman in studio http://www.leap2genius.com . Her mission is to make genius possible for people. I am sure we can learn something here. She can help us discover our super powers within. From the looks of it her observations have changed many lives. I’ve also got a guy who’s been to a couple barbecues I’ve been to recently on the show. He’s an interesting guy with some great flows and he recently just came out with some amazing dope hits. I’ve got rapper Young Revol on the show http://instagram.com/mindcontrolrevol . I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Follow me on instagram at http://instagram.com/el_walgreens . It’s National Veep Day, whatever that means.


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