Tune in Sunday noon to 3pm ,This sunday I’ve got quite a rocking show for you .  Musician Mike Glendinning will be on the show. You’ve gotta remember his Crass Nation show , Goodtimes! http://instagram.com/mikeglendinning . I’ve gotta great guy to look up to coming on the show be prepared to hear Deron Slater. He’s a conservative activist youtuber, a patriot, stage director of Blexit, and Co-owner of STANDFOUR http://instagram.com/deron_slater.  I’ve got Gospel Rapper, singer, musician, and producer D. StarrMade on the show http://instagram.com/teamstarrmade. She’s a Christian who balanced music, life, and Motherhood.  I’ve also got the bad ass rocking group The EyeSores in studio http://instagram.com/eyesoremetalhed . The group consists of Metalhed, Camshaft, and Dogface. That’s at least who all we could fit in studio but you should remember these badass rocking dudes from the last show they were on.  Well.. hey they’re back again and they’ve got some new music for ya.  They’re a drunk rock band based outta East Side San Jose and they’re coming to rock for you. It’s also National Topless Day , so we might just take off our tops. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Follow me on instagram at http://instagram.com/el_walgreens

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