Hey everyone join me today Sunday from noon to 3, oh man this yr is soo stressful but I guess it’s more stressful because the worlds gone nutty. Personally I’ve always done a lot of dumb things, I heard there’s not enough fun tho so let’s have some fun. We’ve got Kt Tyson in studio. She’s gonna be talking about starting Bay Area Construction, building the Hyphy Arena, and the hustle in the bay area http://instagram.com/kt_bayareaconstruction . We’ve got writer and film maker Arthur Reyes in studio http://instagram.com/1arthurreyes .  Comedian Ridge Hershberger will be on the show http://instagram.com/ridgecomedyfarm . Michael Doremi will be in studio to talk about the Phoenix . I know it sounds like something out of a comic book series, sounds pretty cool. We will have a call in from his Phoenix program co-worker Meagan Burns http://instagram.com/ekim_emarod http://instagram.com/meagburns224 http://Thephoenix.orgThe Phoenix is an organization that offers something for everyone at all levels of ability. From group fitness, cycling, strength training, and yoga to climbing, hiking, socials, or just meeting for coffee. All led by peers in recovery and supporters who have a deep connection to our mission.  I’ll also be having Nivek Nija on the show http://twitter.com/niveKnija .  I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Follow me on insta at http://instagram.com/el_Walgreens . Today we’re gonna celebrate Grief Awareness Day. 

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