Welcome everybody to another Sunday from noon to 3 with your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer http://instagram.com/el_walgreens . Today on the show I’ve got comedian Dan Pena on the show http://instagram.com/iamDanPena . I’ve got hip hop artist Taste Nate joining us in studio  http://instagram.com/tastenate .We’ve got rapper Active Poet joining in studio. The guys pretty cool and talented http://instagram.com/activepoet . We’ve got Dj Recognize (Jeff Poyzner) in studio, Christopher Chun, and Anthoney Pacheco in studio http://instagram.com/jpoyzner http://instagram.com/Christopher_Chun_. We’re gonna play some of the most recent hits like “Nobody” and “Here Right now.  This is definitely gonna be a big music show with a splash of  comedy. It’s National Bowling League Day, hey everyone check out your calendar and mourn your local bowling leagues and all bowling leagues around the world because I am pretty sure there’s no leagues happening in 2020.

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