Tune in this sunday September 27th noon to 3 in studio 2b for another episode of what’s Really Happening? I’ve got C.O.A.R. Radio Show host/DJ/Emcee/Former Rock singer/unapologetic dreamer Timothy J Bednarz on the show  http://instagram.com/timothy_bednarz . We’ve got some great comedians for ya. I’ve got comedian Tricia Finley from Danbury Ct on the show http://twitter.com/triciafinley78 . I”ve got comedian Morgan Anderson on the show. She/her/cunt is  a sacramento comedian that’s a co-producer of Love Horrors sketch comedy on youtube http://instagram.com/itsthemorganator .  I’ve got comedian Derik tha Destroyer on the show. He’s all about that dope comedy and dope everything. He keeps it dope and he’s highly talked about http://instagram.com/derik_tha_destroyer . I’ve got Leanna Louie on the show. She’s gonna tell us about her glimming experience. She’s the Former owner of Melody Cafe. I loved going to that place when I lived in the mission.  She’s also a founder of United Peace Collaborative.  she’s a U.S Army Veteran too, how awesome is that http://instagram.com/leannalouie28_! I’ll play some music by http://instagram.com/keldamuzik ,http://instagram.com/calis_bless http://instagram.com/powerballrish http://instagram.com/theghosttownrebellion http://instagram.com/rapisajoke http://instagram.com/itseinsteintm http://instagram.com/mackswondah http://instagram.com/sasquatchjosh http://instagram.com/young_but_solid http://instagram.com/jpoyzner and http://instagram.com/corey_2.0_flamez_ .We may even Play some music by Manny Blaze and Raymond Coats so tune in. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Follow me on insta at http://instagram.com/el_walgreens. Today we’re gonna be celebrating Ancestor Apreciation Day. OH and shout out to the hottie Tuning in from Vegas.

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