Tune in Sunday noon to 3 in studio 2b. I”ve got some great guests for ya. I’ve got Author and life coach Dasha Love joining us in studio http://instagram.com/dasha.lovechannel . She’s the #GirlBuddha and I can’t wait to have her on. I’ve got rapper Nate Day aka DoeBoy on the show http://instagram.com/nate_day_dbto . He’s gonna be premiering some new songs you can only hear here. He also became a father since last time he was on the show so yeah let’s talk a little about fatherhood. Fatherhood is always something that interests me because I’ve never had father in my life.  He’s gonna be coming with a good friend of mine Stephanie Maier who I’ve known since before high school http://instagram.com/whitechocolatetaurus . We’ll have Ceo/Founder/model of Cali Diamond Makaela Susnow on the show http://instagram.com/makaelasusnow. Well also have http://instagram.com/amandareneebay on the show. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Follow me on instagram at http://instagram.com/el_waglreens. We’ll be celebrating National Meatloaf Day. What would you do anything for love but not that? Also I’ll be playing more new songs from one of my favorite bands Deftones. That band got me through a lot of things in life. I wanna make everyone a fan of http://instagram.com/deftones.  We might also play some new music from Eazy Mac and Bizzy Bone http://instagram.com/mrmccane http://instagram.com/eazymacofficial

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