Tune into what’s known as the yellow bus program every Sunday noon to 3. When I say yellow bus I also mean the short one. I am born and raised in the Sf Bay area so its perfectly fine yeee. I’ve got christian Conservative youtuber Chidi Dillibe on the show. I’ve got comedian Bernadette Davis on the show http://instagram.com/bernie_onassis . I’ve got Sacramento rap pioneer Dc Ray in studio http://instagram.com/dcraymuzic . We’ve got rapper Prophecy Bangout on the show http://instagram.com/realbangoutproppy . Also joining us will be author Ebony Smith http://instagram.com/mzbeezee . I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Follow me on insta at http://instagram.com/el_walgreens. We’ve got so many great topics to talk about especially since it’s National Popeye Day. We’ve gotta big day coming up, It’s the Inauguration. Let’s talk about it and whatever else we can come up with to talk about , yay!

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