What’s Really Happening?

Welcome to another episode of What’s Really Happening and a very good morning because we are all alive to see this and even if you’re not and your seeing this welcome and very good morning to you. It’s national Daughters and sons day. Which reminds me of the days I had a couple kids I considered a daughter and a son . Anyways in honor of National Absinthe Day why don’t you pour yourself a glass of Absinthe and enjoy this wonderful show I have for you today?  We got ourselves  some great guests in the first hour. We have a comedian that goes by the name Buddha Rose on Da Block. He’s pretty funny and I am looking forward to it. Plus we have Brian Knockin from the Brian knockin show coming through to present us with and talk to us about hip hop. He’s one of my favorites at the station here. In our second hour it’s gonna be all about guinea pigs . We have Teresa Murphy from guineapigzone.com coming through and Jenn Paz from the North Star Rescue.  People that know me should know I love guinea pigs so I am looking forward to this. I am your host Luke ” Walgreens” Sauer and as usual my co-host Sebastian Vego will be with us.


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