What’s Really Happening?

Happy Girl Scout Sunday and ugh..Daylight Savings began so I am gonna have to get super pumped for this Sundays show.

Everybody check your batteries and don’t forget to tune in today to the What’s Really Happening show because it’s always a good time. We’re Starting the show once again with an hour dedicated to hip hop and rap.  Our guests our Tony Gore and Corey Flamez . We’re gonna be playing music and dancing in the studio. It should be good times. If you miss this then I feel sorry for you. Don’t worry you can still listen later if you can’t make it to listen live.  The second hour we have the great Burlesque Dancer Ifn Whendy. It’s gonna be an Ifn Goodtime. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer and my co-host will be Sebastian Vego. Tune in every Sunday noon to 2pm.


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