What’s Really Happening?

Good morning, I’d like to give a special shout out to all the Goddesses of fertility out there on National Goddess Of Fertility Day.

Please don’t be a poultry chicken today on National Poultry Day but instead be like the Swallows that returned to San Juan Capistrano and return to the What’s Really Happening show once again because it’s only every Sunday. Plus ya never know what’s gonna happen because I know I sure never do. One thing for sure I know is Sebastian Vego my co-host will be out today. One thing I think may happen is JG from Hat Trix music will be in his place.We’ll have Dustin Saylor rocking out in the studio. That alone is a great way to start your Sunday morning. We’ve got Jenni Willow, the kj from el rio in sf that does the Heartbreak karaoke. It’s always a special place for me to go because love stinks. Then Travis Rhyse Chapman is coming in the studio. He’s got some special projects he’s gonna unleash on us. I am your host Luke Walgreens. Hope to see you at noon.


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