What’s Really Happening?

Join me today for the What’s Really Happening show at it’s usual day and time Sunday from noon to 2pm because I am gonna make a point to be here so you should too. It’s National Ferret Day and National Love Your Produce Manager day so why don’t  you bring them both and tune in?  Wear that Pro-life t-shirt you’ve been dying to wear because it’s also Pro-Life T-shirt day.This Sunday we have some great rap music by King Reegz, hypnosis by Jack Chang and Chrispy Chreme is coming through with his special friend jimmy to tell us some great stories about his life and promote what he’s got going on. We definitely gotta hear how Chrispy Creme got back from Hollywood. It should be a great show this Sunday fresh from The Price Is Right Luke “Walgreens” Sauer and Sebastian Vègo on the What’s Really Happening show. Also starting to join us Sunday we have Kenchasa Bryant.


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