What’s Really Happening?

lukeWelcome to another segment of “What’s Really Happening?? Today we talk about the world going crazy and Christmas.   Sebastian Vego will be my co host today. We will have the awesome band “The Wyatt Act”.  We will be joined by the most beautiful woman in comedy veronica Porras and Comic Terry Dorsey will be joining us also.  Amanda Rocks will be on the show talking about her brand new show she’s gonna be starting Wednesday . The one and only “Chrispy Chreme” will be joining us too. I don’t think I”ve ever known any other “Chrispy Chreme” I will probably play some music from “Dead Heavens” because they’re performing in the bay area tonight. I will also be wearing a shirt with the face of comedian Pete Munoz on it so  he will be joining us by shirt.


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