What’s Really Happening?

Tune in noon to 2pm in studio 2b Sunday , This Sunday we have comedian Lynette Solandazo, You can find her here on Mondays for the Havana Jewba show.  We also have the great comedians Hayden Greif-NeillTrish Pandya, and Edward Ruben in the studio. By we I mean me but I am somebody, I am the host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer and I say stuff.

I’ll play some great summer hits. I’ll play a song by Shana Dinha. She’s gotta show ,the show is tomorrow August 12th at the Fenix Supper Club in San Rafael, Ca from 6:30 to 9 p.m. she’s  singing with Terrence Brewer. I’ll also play some songs from Hat Trix Music. Songs with Boy Boy Santana, Gutta Flame, Comma D, Mic The Producer, Erc, and of course Hans . Check out all the hits at hattrixmusic.com. I’ve been a fan of Hat Trix since day one.



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