This Sunday noon to 3, I have on Terry Gilliam on the show. He’s got some groups on Fb that has gotten tons of people joining in regards to leaving California. We’re gonna talk about that for a bit and come to an understanding. These groups also help people along that journey of leaving. People have many reasons “Rents too damn high!” A lot of it especially this yr seems to be political. People are really fed up with the way our politicians are doing things in California. These are people from California so it really sucks to see people so fed up with the system. I’ve also got comedian Alex Elkin on the show. This guys great. In a worlds where comedians are really making you wonder what’s funny, this guy is really great. You can tell by the way he talks that this guy is a great dude and great at what he does. He’s got some sharp wit, boy I tell ya. Be prepared , I also have rapper JayDee Tha 1 on the show. This guys known as what would be a great co-host for the show. I’ve gotten some people saying that so that’s why. I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer.

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