What’s Really Happening?


Tune in noon to 2pm this sunday September 30th  I am bringing back on AustinBennett #Bennett4Senate   We’ll do some catching up and talk about new things going on. Comedian Mike Jones will also be joining in the studio.  I’ll play some brand new music from Prince. I’ll play some music from Seanessy.  The Colin Kaepernick situation, let’s talk about it! Let’s talk about Kevin Hart and Katt williams, Let’s talk about it! The Kavanaugh situation, Let’s talk about it! Did you know comedian Chris Farley had a brother? Let’s talk about it!  Why do people think Jimmy Kimmel is funny? It boggles my brain. Let’s talk about it! Let’s talk chemtrails, vaccines and issues going on lately. I wanna talk about some issues I’ve encountered. I also wanna talk about some movies, music, tv shows and well I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer.


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