What’s Really Happening?


Tune into to my 98th show this Sunday October 14th noon to 2. With music by Aynata Payne coming in studio all way from Stockton. I kinda miss that place. We’ll also have rappers Denero, Unanimus  and BLACKCLOUDMC in the studio. It should be fun. Isaac Collins will also be joining us. We’ll have some freestyles, music and great convo. I don’t go pandering for what’s trending. All I do is keep it real and hope you like what you hear. What you can expect is that every show will be different. I guarantee it. Lately you might hear things about how I am not a big fan of Jimmy Kimmel and Wayne Brady. It’s been awhile I’ve had a beef with Wayne Brady for not letting me win on Let’s Make A Deal tho. I always multitask while I write these so just trust me tune in.


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