Wreckless Intent 10-7-18

Well well well howdy there people of the world!!! Wreckless Sundays are here to stay!!! LOL WTF LMAO!!!!! Why do so many people love watching the Kardashians, who really cares about Mike “the situation” Sorrentino going to jail for 8 months for tax evasion? Why is everyone surprised that DT had toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoes and no one told him? And who really believed LaCroix was really using only all natural flavors in their beverages? Get the answers to all these and some on tonights episode of Wreckless Intent!! Zee Ziz & Mike Glendinning running the show here again this week! Jay Austin Graham will have the night off, but we will be joined by a surprise guest or two! Don’t miss the fun! In fact check out the Listen live link from 4-6 pm to catch Mike’s show Underground Mayhem, then stay there to catch Wreckless Intent right after from 6-8!!! Only here at FCCFREERADIO.COM


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