Wreckless Intent 11-11-18

Well hello there!! Do we have an  exciting and Wreckless show for you today!!! Civil War Civil War!!! That’s right, Russia claims that America will erupt in a Civil War during the 2020 elections! Maybe that’s the way Putin likes to keep his people unaware of how bad they have it. Also up for discussion is a man that threatened to shoot up a polling booth and a Canadian advocacy group for people with Down syndrome thinks that people with Down syndrome should be put on an endangered species list! Wow! We are also going to have a very special guest caller on! Adult film star Raven Roxx will join us over the phone! It’s going to be a great show so do tune in live from 6-8pm in Studio2B only at Fccfreeradio.com!!! Mike Glendinning and Jay Austin Graham in the studio tonight! Zee is feeling under the weather and might call in, we’ll see what happens!!! Thank you all for the support from all of us at here at Wreckless Intent!!! 


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