Wreckless Intent 2-17-19

Isn’t TV the best!?

This shit is about to get Wreckless!!! Sup fockers!!! It’s Sunday and football season is over!! What else ya got better to do than join the Wreckless crew of Mike Glendinning, Jay Austin Graham, Jason Myles and Zee in Studo2B!!! Topics to discuss tonight will be all about the wall!!! From the Emergency Trump has called, to the emergencies we have right here at home, to the many americans going to Mexico for affordable health care! (or is it just to fix their selves up with plastic surgery. That’s a topic within a topic we’ll touch on as well.) We’ll also have Nis from The Nerv call in and shoot the shit with us! Be sure to check out their latest single Alternative Facts! It’s gonna be a great show so be sure to listen live from 6-8pm in Studio2B only at Fccfreeradio.com!!!


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