Wreckless Intent 7/15/18

It’s Sunday!!! That means it’s time to get Wreckless!!!! That’s right it’s another Wreckless Intent!!! Your hosts Zee, Mike Glendinning, Jay Austin Graham and Luke “Walgreens” Sauer are ready with some funny and wreckless talk!!! We’ll be talking about some of the wreckless stuff people in the world have been up to. Including the latest Permit Betty video that you can watch by checking out the link. Also have a funny scenario to throw around the studio!!! It’s gonna be a kick ass show so don’t miss it! Join us live from 6-8 pm in Studio2B only at FCCFREERADO!!! Flow us on instagram @intentwreckless!!! And have you still not downloaded that FCCFREE RADIO app? Well what the hell ya waiting for!!! 


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