Wreckless Intent 9-16-18 “Father forgive me”

Let me get this straight, Gays- Bad but Blowjob from child-sure why not!? WTF!!! Here at Wreckless Intent, we’re gonna touch on how messed up this whole situation is with the Catholic Church!!! We’ll have my good friend Sister Dinah Might call in with some thoughts on the matter. Also on the line-up we have Pink Pantherz Espresso, the EU doing away with memes, fake Google in China & maybe even some more Jay vs Antifa!!! You’ll just have to listen to hear the Wrecklessness for yourself!!! It’s the whole gang in the house tonight!!! Luke, Mike, Jay & Zee in Studio2B 6-8pm only at FCCFREERADIO.COM!!! Don’t forget we’re on iTunes now!!! Just one more way to listen to Wreckless Intent, Not Safe For Work, Underground Mayhem, What’s Really Happening & Zee’z Yerba Buena!!! It’s FCCFREE BABY!!!


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