Wreckless Intent 9/23/18 “WTF”

Well well well people!!!! The world we live in just keeps on turning, burning & getting more & more Wreckless!!! Jay Austin Graham, Mike Glendinning, Luke “Walgreens” Sauer and Zee back in Studio2B!!!! We can’t decide where to go with our Sunday discussion! There’s The FCC repealing net neutrality, SF rapper Equipto arrested in the Mission District, adult club loses liquor license after accepting food stamps as payment for drugs and lap dances & even more crazy shit!!!! Not sure where the conversation will go tonight but don’t miss out to you can hear for yourself!!! Also be sure to check out Luke’s, Mike’s, Jay’s and Zee’z podcasts right here at FCCFREERADIO.com!!! Don’t forget we’re also on iTunes too!!! This is Wreckless Intent people!!! 


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