Zee’z Yerba Buena #17

Hello world!!! Zee’z Yerba Buena is back to do our part to try and heal the world!!! On top of ALL THE CRAZYNESS in the world, California is on FIRE!!! WTF!!! I’ve heard people asking, “How do you help in these terrible times?  What can we do?” Well unless you are Superman and can fly over the fires blowing them out, try Google! Thats what I did and today October 16th, I will be in The World Famous John Mill Studios, Studio2B talking about that! It’s such a terrifying thought, and even worst feeling. To have everything you need and want one day, then have nothing in the blink of an eye!!! My heart goes out to everyone affected by this and I am here to lend a helping hand! So I have done some Googling myself and am here to share what I have found. Fcc Free Radio has helped the Humane Society help displaced animals! My parents, family and myself have donated some sweatshirts, sweaters, beanies and blankets through one of my younger cousins school, so check your local schools or Salvation Army locations to see if they are taking donations. Here are more links to find ways to help. Help only if you truly can! Even if its just giving $10 to the Red Cross! It all adds up. I will be solo in the studio today playing some kick ass music and sending good vibes out to the world!  Mite have a pop in guest! We’ll see what happens! Join me Zee live from Studio2B at 4pm (pst) only at FCCFREERADIO.COM!!!


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