Zee’z Yerba Buena #36

Happy Monday!!! After a couple of unplanned weeks off, Zee’z Yerba Buena is back!!! On this lovely Monday in San Francisco I will recap our last Tuesday’s Child on Wednesday at Moonlight Cafe! I’ll be joined by my co-producer/co-host Morgan , our headliner and good friend Loren Kraut! Our story teller Eric Leckbee might pop in as well! We’ll chat about the show, talk about Loren’s recent trip to San Diego where she performed her amazing one woman show “A Bit Touched”! I also want to talk to Morgan about a book that will feature one of her true life stories! The book is called Risk! Be sure to check out the link! It’s a book filled with stories people never though they’d share!! I can’t wait to read it myself! And of course I’ll have a sweet playlist to go along with our show!!! It’s gonna be a great show so be sure to join your host Zee as we help you eaze in to your Monday!!! And don’t forget to download that FCCFREE RADIO app ASAP!!! Or you can listen online real eazy with the new Listen Live buttons right on the fccfreeradio home page! (thank you John Miller!) Tune in today live at 4pm from Studio2B!!! Only at FCCFREERADIO!!!


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