Zee’z Yerba Buena #37 Street Stories in San Franfuckingcisco!

Hello San Francisco and the rest of the world!!!! I’m back in the swing of Zee’z Yerba Buena!!! This week we’re going to be hearing the Great & Crazy Stories of my good friend Joe De Luca!!! Joe is and Italian American born and raised here in San Francisco!!! Between Joe’s crazy stories growing up in the city working all sorts of jobs, to working with his dad (who was a plumber) to his more current adventures plumbing all over the city, who knows where we’ll end up!!! It’s gonna be a kick ass show so please do tune in! 4-6 pm in studio2b only at fccfreeradio.com!!!  Download that great FCCFREE RADIO APP ASAP!!! if you haven’t done so already. Also find us on iTunes!!! And please check out my new Website I just published! Find easy ways to listen to either Zee’z Yerba Buena or my other podcast with Mike Glendinning, Luke Sauer, & Jay Austin Graham called Wreckless Intent! We talk about stuff you just won’t hear on CNN! Also get access to the best damn variety show in SF, Tuesday’s Child on Wednesday! You can buy tickets and get on our e-mail list!!! Thanks to all who listen to Fccfreeradio and who continue to support the arts here in San Francisco!!!


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