Zee’z Yerba Buena #48

The sun seems to be returning to that city by the bay! Happy Monday to all! Zee here also returning to Studio2B for another awesome Zee’z Yerba Buena!!! Joining me in the studio today will be Jason Myles from the band Bitter Lake! We’ll chat and get to hear about the band, about their influences, inspirations and experiences. Hear about their latest work and performances. We’ll also talk about their latest video off their latest track Rat Food. Rat Food touches on a very serious and real topic that we all should be aware of. Our current presidents agenda for a border wall over the current homeless problem facing our country today. Regardless of what side of this debate you find yourself on, we should all remember our families all immigrated here from some place on this globe at one point in time. We were all given a chance to prosper and flourish and if we deny others that opportunity then we are no better than the greedy hands that rule over the other 99%. Bitter Lake interviews residents of a local homeless encampment located in Oakland California to hear first hand, the struggle homeless people go through and show that this is not a black and white issue. I’ll let Jason tell us more about it. Be sure to tune in live from 4-6PM in Studio2B only at Fccfreeradio.com!!!


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