Zee’z Yerba Buena #7

Good Afternoon City By The Bay It’s me ZEE!!!

Back with another great show for ya!!!! This week on Zee’z Yerba BuenaI will be joined by one of my favorite people to hang with, Calvin Clarke! I got to meet Calvin in 2003 when I started working at Moonlight Cafeand alway loved hearing what Cal had to say. We could talk about anything from music, politics, life on the east coast and life out here in SF and just about life in general!  Today we’ll hear Cal’s adventures in life! From moving to America as a child from Jamaica, to coming to San Francisco in the early 70’s! And as usual we will have a kick ass playlist going on!! Today’s music will honor the Summer of Love, as the city celebrates the 50th Anniversary!!! Make sure to tune in today at 4pm live from Studio 2b ONLY ON fccfreeradio.com!!!!


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