Zee’z Yerba Buena #9

Helloooooooo everyone!!!!!!!! Zee here with another Zee’z Yerba Buena!!! With me in Studio 2B on this beautiful Monday in San Francisco is my good friend and barber Anton Cura! Owner of Attention To Detail Barber Gallery and San Francisco Barbershop! Anton has been cutting my hair for over 10 years. Back when I actually had lots of hair! We’ll be talking to Anton about his career in the industry and what made him decide to open up his own barber shop! We will also talk to Anton  about a Barber Reality Show he produced along with Chris Diaz called Making The Cut! Where the last barber standing achieved a barber scholarship to BAHIan elite barber school in South San Francisco. And of course we have a kick ass play list to go along with the show!!! Be sure to tune in today Monday July 31st at 4:00 pm live from the John Miller Studio 2B in downtown San Francisco only at FCCFREERADIO!!!


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